JSNext Bulgaria 2014–Event Recap

On November 23 was held the first event focused on the cutting edge JavaScript technologies – JSNext Bulgaria 2014. JSnext  is the largest conference in Bulgaria for JavaScript technologies.

What is JSNext Bulgaria

  • The very first conference in Bulgaria dedicated to the cutting edge JavaScript and related JS frameworks
  • An event organized with the support of Infragistics, jQuery Sofia UG, Infragistics Friends ( BI & .Net) UG and many volunteers
  • Thanks to the sponsors who helped cover the expenses!
  • An one day event with sessions dedicated to all that is JavaScript.
  • It is a chance for the local community to immerse in their favorite web technologies
  • The largest event for WEB developers in Bulgaria for 2014
  • JSNext Bulgaria inherits jQuery Bulgaria event


Why  JSNext Bulgaria

  • JavaScript is not jQuery any more
  • JSNext (aka JS version next ) Bulgaria is an event about cutting edge JS-related technologies


Event history:

After the few successful “Saturday” format events across different platforms and jQuery Bulgaria conference, the JavaScript event received major interest.

JSNext inherits jQuery Bulgaria conference, but JSNext Bulgaira is a new kind of event :
mainly targeting the latest and the future JavaScript technologies

Infragistics confirmed its support for the event: Thanks to Jason Beres: VP of Development Tools,  Product Management, Community and Evangelism @ Infragistics
Thanks to all community leaders who also confirmed their support!

We chose Sofia Event Center as the best location for this event.

All our speakers are also volunteers – they decided to cover their own expenses to be possible to avoid charging community members











Infragistics participation in the event:

Infragistics was the main sponsor and organizer of the event.

There was one keynote session and one technical presentation from Infragistics Inc.:


Some statistic

  • Nearly 750 registrations
  • More than 600 attendees on site
  • First event in Bulgaria, dedicated to the cutting edge JavaScript related technologies. 
  • The biggest event for WEB developers in Bulgaria this year
  • A Free event for student, academics and community leads
  • 22 sessions in 4 tracks
  • Attendees from 6 countries (Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia , Romania and Bulgaria)
  • 25 Speakers from 4 countries (Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia and Bulgaria )

Pictures from the event:

Some photos are available here .

Follow @jsnextconf event on Twitter with hash tag   and get news on all our events with #jsnext and #jsnextconf.  Additional information can be found at the conference website – www.jsnext.net

As always, you can follow us on Twitter @mihailmateev and @Infragistics and stay in touch onFacebook,Google+andLinkedIn!


Warm Regards,
Team JSNext Bulgaria

About Mihail Mateev

am a Microsoft Regional Director currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in programming, web development, and education. Technical Consultant, Community enthusiast, PASS Regional Mentor for Central Eastern Europe, chapter lead, Microsoft MVP – Microsoft Azure. Organizer of SQLSaturday, Azure Bootcamp, IoT and JavaScript conferences. My experience is in various areas related to Microsoft technologies, including Windows Platform, ASP.Net MVC, MS SQL Server and Microsoft Azure. I have a PhD in cloud computing and am a university lecturer on Smart Homes and Smart Energy IoT Solutions
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