IoT Platforms, Powered by Digital Twins

Digital Twins become one of the most powerful technologies, which can empower modern  IoT and AI solutions to reach the bring additional value for the business and and society.

In my previous article  Essential Digital Twins for Modern Industry we considered the concepts, main use-cases, business value and applied areas where Digital Twins can be implemented. For any implementation it is important to know the main platforms, offering solutions based on Digital Twins concept to be able to chose the best solution for specific use case.

In this article will be discussed different solutions with main focus on cloud platforms, which can be used to implement Digital Twins.

A digital twins platform can be considered as a part of analytics platforms, related to big data and artificial intelligence (AI) , applicable for IoT. All it needs is sufficient storage support to save the current status of the model and to manage the life cycle of the digital twin. In other words, digital twins require the model to be tuned initially. They also require the real asset and the digital asset to be synchronized periodically:




The components of digital twins [1]

The platforms that can support digital twins today include Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Predix, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Let see what these platforms offer for Advanced Analytics with Digital Twins.




1. Veneri, G. and Capasso, A., n.d. Hands-On Industrial Internet Of Things.


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